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WordPress Documentation Assignment

Usable documentation is critical in the event that ownership or editing responsibilities switch hands, or a site is being built and handed off to a client.
1. Your completed documentation will include the following:
Table of Contents 

• Screenshots where appropriate (taken from within the WP dashboard) 

• How to login to the dashboard 

• How to create a post/page 

• How to edit a post/page 

• How to insert a hyperlink into a post/page 

• How to search for and add a plugin 

• How to search for and install a theme other than the default 

• How to upload content to the media library and edit an image in the library (add caption, alt tag, change display size, etc.) 

• How to insert an image into a post/page
2. There is no length requirement for the document, just as long as it covers all the topics above in enough detail for a beginner to understand and perform the editing.
3. Include page numbers in the document (these will be referenced in the table of contents).
4. Upload your file in either Word or PDF format to the dropbox on Canvas when finished.

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