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week15 Discussion

This weeks’ readings examined several breaches of personally identifiable information that occurred a few years ago.  Find an example of one that has occured and report on the following:
1.  Summarize the breach involving the loss of PII or credit card data and what data was stolen in a brief paragraph. When did it occur? How many records and what type were lost?  How quickly did the company notify the affected individuals (this might not be revealed right away – maybe look at multiple sources)?
2.  Discuss the ramifications of the breach. How much did it cost, or is it estimated to cost, the company?  If this is a publicly-traded company, check the stock prices at the time. Was their stock impacted?
3.  Discuss the company’s response to the breach in terms of the three theories discussed in the lecture (shareholder, stakeholder, and societal). Which was impacted and why?

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