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Veteran Homelessness Focusing on Education and Awareness

Veteran Homelessness Focusing on Education and Awareness 

Prepare 3–4 pages in which you complete the following:
· Describe the community you have selected.
· Explain the social change issue.
· Differentiate between need and demand as they relate to the issue and community.
· Outline/describe steps you would take to conduct a needs assessment.
· State which stakeholders you would contact and why you would contact each.
· Develop a survey related to your social change issue.
· The survey must be at least 10 questions.
· Provide a justification for each question on the survey.
· Provide a rationale for the type/format of questions on the survey.
· State how you would vary items on the survey based on the role of the stakeholders who would complete it (administration, leadership, staff, recipient of surveys).

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