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The Race and Social Justice Strategy Team

Your organization has been awarded a DOJ grant to develop a community   initiative for improving racial equity. You, as the law enforcement   manager, have been assigned the task of developing a community-based   team that will oversee the implementation of the initiative. The   mission of the Race and Social Justice Strategy Team’s task is   to end racism and achieve racial equity in the city’s practices,   policies, and culture.
In a 1,250-1,500-word essay, complete the following:

Briefly describe six different constituents/stakeholders on     your team (organization, title, and influence in the   community).
As the team’s leader, discuss your     perception of your sphere of influence.
What roles will     each of your team member’s play within the group? Are there     team member’s who will have dual roles?
Describe     three types of power that you as the manager may need to use to     effectively lead this team. Give examples.
Describe     specific strategies that you as the team manager will implement to     keep the team motivated and on task (4.2). This Benchmark assesses competency 4.2: Recommend       strategies to build relationships and communicate ethically with       various stakeholders. 
Describe what     you hope to accomplish and within what timeframe.
Describe     how you will evaluate the success of the team’s substantive     contribution to the mission.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA   Style Guide, attach a turnitin report

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