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system vision document – DUE DATE TODAY

Value: 10%
Due Date: 08-Dec-2019
Return Date: 02-Jan-2020
Length: 1500 words
You are provided with a case study about a business that needs development of a modern
information system to support its day to day operations. In your role as System Analyst, you
will help the business in development of the new information system.
and then complete the following task. You will use the same case study to complete
assignment 1, assignment 2 and assignment 3.
In the inception phase of the project, your goal is to investigate the scope of proposed
business information system in the given case study. To present your understanding of the
project, you are required to submit a System Vision Document which includes the following
• Project Introduction
• Important system capabilities
• Perceived business benefits
• Resources required
• Stakeholder map
It is important not to mix the system capabilities with perceived benefits. These two are
closely related but not the same, so you should list them separately.
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to describe the relationship of analysis and design activities to the System
Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
• be able to analyse a case study and construct a business proposal to argue the
feasibility of a client software proposal.

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