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Research proposal and annotated bibliography

You will not be writing a formal research paper- instead, you will prepare a research proposal and annotated bibliography.  You should examine at least five sources that can give you the necessary background knowledge to develop a meaningful research question.  These sources can be fairly brief- you should not be looking at books or lengthy scholarly articles.  Avoid vague questions like “why is the end of Apartheid in SouthAfrica important?”  You will need a question with a more specific focus.  Your proposal should be 4-5 pages in length and will be evaluated using the rubric that focuses on four main components: Your understanding of the topic, The clarity and relevance of your research questions, The appropriateness and feasibility of your topic, Your sources and works cited page.  There must be a works cited page as well as an annotated bibliography of each source used (There are five key components of your annotated bibliography: The number of sources, the recency of your sources, the quality of your sources, the annotation).  There must also be pictures (only from the ones provided) included in the proposal.

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