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Which of the following studies is linked most directly to the establishment of the National Research Act in 1974 and ultimately to the Belmont Report and Federal regulations for human subject protection?

A. The Public Health Service Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.

B. Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo).

C. Tearoom Trade Study (Humphreys).

D. The Harvard T3 study. 
The Belmont principle of beneficence requires that:

A. The study makes a significant contribution to generalizable knowledge.

B. Subjects derive individual benefit from study participation.

C. Risks are managed so that they are no more than minimal.

D. Potential benefits justify the risks of harm. 
Humphreys collecting data for the Tearoom Trade study under the pretense that he was a lookout is an example of a violation of the principle of:

A. Justice.

B. Beneficence.

C. Respect for persons. 
According to the Belmont Report, the moral requirement that there be fair outcomes in the selection of research subjects, expresses the principle of:

A. Beneficence.

B. Justice.

C. Respect for persons. 
Which of the following is an example of how the principle of beneficence is applied to a study involving human subjects?

a. Providing detailed information about the study to potential subjects.

b. Ensuring that risks are reasonable in relationship to anticipated benefits.

c. Ensuring that the selection of subjects is fair.

d. Ensuring that subjects understand that participation is voluntary 
According to the federal regulations, which of the following studies meets the definition of research with human subjects?

a. A researcher asks the director of a local free clinic about the number of patients in the last two years with newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS.

b. A researcher conducts a linguistic study of comments posted on a local public blog.

c. A researcher uses the Customs Office’s passenger lists for ships bringing immigrants to the US between1820-1845 to track the numbers of immigrants from certain ethnic groups.

d. A developmental psychologist videotapes interactions between groups of toddlers and their care givers to determine which intervention methods most effectively manage aggression.
According to the federal regulations, which of the following studies meets the definition of research with human subjects?

a. An organization for women academics in engineering asks a federal agency to provide the number of women investigators funded by that agency to include in a report for its membership.

b. An experiment is proposed on the relationship between gender-related stereotypes in math and the subsequent performance by males and females on math tests.

c. A university designs an in-house study to improve the mentoring of women students in its engineering department with the proposed outcome consisting of a report of recommendations for the department.

d. A researcher receives anonymized data for secondary analysis from a survey about gender-related differences in stress levels conducted by a colleague at another university. 
According to the federal regulations, which of the following studies meets the definition of research with human subjects?

a. A researcher sets up a meeting with the superintendent of a large and diverse public school system to get data about the ethnic composition of the school system and the number of students receiving free lunches.

b. Undergraduate students in a field methods class are assigned a research question and asked to interview another classmate, to be followed by a class discussion on interview techniques.

c. A researcher conducts a comparison of the comments made in a publicly available blog and the blogger’s comments on a similar topic in a weekly magazine.

d. A cognitive psychologist enrolls undergraduate students for a computer-based study about the effect of mood on problem solving behaviors.

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