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Microsoft 365 Suite

Use the lesson from last week to create a new virtual machine on your computer with a Windows operating system. Apply all operating system updates. Take a snapshot of the virtual machine containing this clean installation. Download and install the Microsoft 365 Suite onto this virtual machine. Apply all updates again. Take another snapshot of the virtual machine with the suite installed. Examine the changes that have been made to the system (processes, services, logs, registry entries, etc.). Write a short paper detailing these changes. Hint: It may be easier for you to create two virtual machines on your computer. One with the 365 and one without. Then it may be easier to compare.

Your paper should be written in no less than 500 words and no more than about 1,000 words. Use proper APA formatting. The paper should include an abstract, introduction, discussion, and conclusion. You are welcome to include any other sources (online and in the literature) as long as it is academically suitable for this type of work. Your grade is based on content, grammar, spelling, format, and timeliness of your submission.

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