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How Miami/South Florida is combating climate change and sea level rise
Urban agriculture – what it is, which types might be appropriate in Miami, current urban gardening projects in Miami, and project you want to design and how that would benefit Miami
Alternative Energy – in this paper you may either focus on what alternative energies you think are appropriate for Florida, with a highlight on any new energy projects (environmentally ffriendly) that are ongoing in Florida.  You can also propose new energy program that you think would work in Florida.  You could also research 2-4 new alternative energy projects worldwide and disucss them  Be sure to explain which of those you think and the most potential and why

Paper must be 5 pages double spaces.  (This means 5 FULL pages,) Paper must include in-text at least 4 citations and references in MLA or APA style.  References must be on page 6  First line should have your name and title- do not enlarge font!  Then a single space, then begin your assignment. No extra spaces between paragraphs allowed, they do not count towards page length. 1 inch margins, Times New roman 12pt font or Arial 10pt font only. Points will be lost for short papers.  They must be uploaded as  WORD DOC/DOCX only in the drop box.  This paper will be checked by Safe Assign. Any score greater than 15%  plagiarism (excluding references) should be revised and resubmitted.

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