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Informative Essay

Your week 5 assignment consists of writing an informative essay. This is type of exposition is one that we do all the time in our daily face to face interactions (How do I find her house?  This is what I had to do to repair my credit and get approved for the mortgage).  But what do you do when you get bad information?
For this week’s discussion, think of a time you were misinformed about something.  Try to think of a time you were receiving information such as how to do something or how does something work for example and it turned out to be wrong.  How did you react?  How did you get back on the right track? Was the information giver helpful in getting you corrected? Was the misinformation a simple misunderstanding, or was it intentional?  Discuss the importance of being forthcoming when giving information and how it can affect you and your relationship with the person giving the information.
Remember to try to spread yourself around, so to speak.  Try to respond to two people for whom you have yet to write a response this term.  The more people you interact with, the more opportunities for learning you give yourself.Respond to at least two of your classmates.

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