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Hr metrics

Using the Southworth Library electronic databases or any other reliable and valid information source, research the principles and practices of using HR Metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational practices and provide the following:

A short report providing a summary of the value of using HR Metrics to maintain a strategic advantage in today’s economic climate.  Your report should be at least 550 words in length EXCLUDING references, double spaces with APA references provided.
Create a presentation, using one of the following alternatives to PowerPoint:  Microsoft Sway, Adobe Spark, Canva, Focusky, Prezi, Visme, or Emaze and provide ten (10) examples of specific HR Metric formulas that you feel are important for every organization to use as a measure of effectiveness/productivity, showing actual calculations as a part of your submission. Your presentation should be a tool you or someone else could use to teach others about the metrics you have chosen.  Depending on the application you choose to use, you can send the presentation file or a link to view what you have created.

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