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Healthcare management

You have graduated from WCU and manage the emergency services department of Winterfell Castle.  You are fully aware of the regulations under EMTALA (42 C.F.R. § 413.65).  Recently many persons in the surrounding countryside have suffered burns, or knife or sword wounds.  They have been found just outside the doors of the ED or about 100 yards of the main doors.  Clinical staff of the ED have not noticed those patients who are found about 100 yards of the doors and as a result many have suffered and died due to their injuries.  Fortunately, those that stagger near the doors are brought into the ED and treated.  
Based on your knowledge of EMTALA and the Health and Human Services regulations, as the manager of the Winterfell ED, what would your policies and practices be regarding treating patients who are injured and found outside of the ED?  Please write out the rule language of the rule that governs your response.

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