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essay 1

Topic: How important is it to be attractive in our society. What is your opinion on cosmetic surgery?

Draft a minimum of 750 word moral/ethical argument on your chosen topic.  You must use MLA citations when referencing any information which comes from an outside source (something you look up).  Use (Links to an external site.) for a shortcut.  All papers will be reviewed by the plagiarism checker Turnitin.  Your turnitin plagiarism percentage must be 20% or under; if you turnitin score is higher than 20%, review your sources and paraphrase, or quote, accordingly.   Additionally, you must have a separate, stand-alone, reference page which will not count toward overall word count.  
I only care that the reference page is in MLA format.  When using an outside source in the body of your paper, you can give credit via footnote or use the authors last name in parenthesis.   You must use legitimate outside source, no wikipedia.  At least four scholarly references.

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