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E-Business Infrastructure Management

You and your business partner operate a small B2C e-business and want to better understand how your Web site is performing relative to the business objectives you established as part of the Web site design process.Your business partner thinks page tagging is the best way to develop the Web analytics you need to assess the site’s performance, but you think server log analysis might be a better approach. Create a description of your e-business, set the business objectives for your site, and define the target audiences for your site and their expectations. (You may assume any information about your e-business not explicitly stated here.) Then, using links on the student online companion to this text plus online search tools and other relevant sources, research the advantages and disadvantages of using page tagging versus server log file analysis to develop the Web analytics information for your Web site. Create a table comparing the two approaches and use the table as a springboard to conduct a discussion with your business partner.

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