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Due Friday by 4 pm

Your program has been designed and is now ready to be implemented. For this week, you will be submitting an implementation plan. This should include the long-term goals you hope to achieve with your program and the specific objectives of each goal. You will also need to discuss possible ways to collect data relevant to each objective to show how the goal is progressing. Refer back to Module 02 for a refresher on implementing your program. ( My Program Is Building of Substance Abuse Temporary Live in Treatment Facilities  For People of the  Community)
In addition to the implementation plan, discuss some possible ways your program could be funded. Include specific funding sources you feel would be a good fit for your program and why. Research and include funding in your geographic area if possible. For more ideas on funding your program, refer back to Module 03 and see the Funding Development chapter in Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders (Watson & Hoefer, 2014). Reference: Watson, L. D. & Hoefer, R. A. (2014). In C. Forrest (Ed.), Funding development. Developing nonprofit and human service leaders: Essential knowledge and skills (pp. 123-134). Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.
Submit your implementation plan and funding resources in a 1-2 page paper. In-text citations and all other resource information should be in APA format. 

Rubrics: (Please follow directions and answer all the questions)

The needs assessment includes the community name, a description of the community, the community needs currently being met and how, and the community needs not currently being met. 50 pts
The needs assessment identifies an unmet community need and related opportunities for research are suggested. 30 pts 
The needs assessment is submitted in a 1-2 page outline format and follows standard mechanics for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style. Any references are cited in APA format. 20 pts

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