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dq41 Liam

reply to the students’ response and not the question  in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference. Respond to the students response as though you are talking to them, use name 
a. What do the highs and lows have in common?
b. If any plateaus what did you do to change the slope?

STudents response
We are all human, and regardless of compensations and people, whom you work with, we should find out what we like to do and need to satisfy our jobs. However, before you experience the job, in reality, you cannot recognize you really satisfy or not. To me, I do have one career experience that gave lots of lessons and training. Actually, it helped me to settle down and being an adult. Right after I graduate college, I joined the U.S. Navy in the Naval Special Warfare community. Absolutely, I did have so many lows and highs that happened repeatedly. Since I joined the U.S. Navy, I had experienced almost 2 years of continuous training. During 2 years of training, I had learned tactics and operation skills that I can be an expert. All terminologies and acronyms gave lots of pressure. However, the most important thing was that I had to prove myself. My satisfaction for my job was always normally high. I loved to work with people around me, and we were all family to me. Even though I took a long time and harder time to learn all expert knowledge than others, but it does not mean that I do not satisfy. My highs were I have been feeling of learning every day, and having great benefits. Our great compensation program gave me high satisfaction, and my leaderships were always taking care of me. My leadership showed great servant leadership that they were asking how they can help their juniors to succeed in their careers. Great sense of belongings and compensations program gave me high satisfaction. However, when I had a temporary assignment duty or deployment, I had to work in a stressful environment. I know, I was trained for this stressful environment. However, since all my family members are not in the United States and living in South Korea so that they would not be able to understand my situation. During deployment, I could not even ask our team to understand my situations and our team could not understand my situations either. Culturally, I totally understand the situations, but my satisfaction was lower than the normal working hours in San Diego. My job’s satisfaction during the four years of my job has a range between 0-10.
b. If any plateaus what did you do to change the slope?
Change is always difficult. We know we need to change in order to make it happen. During deployment, I had to confront my situations and overcome the situations. Every morning, I remind that “everything going to be okay, and I can do it.” Being confident was key to change the slope. Furthermore, having a great relationship with my team, and sharing my stories to my team was another key to change the slope.

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