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discussion/ student responses need in 9 hours!!!!!!

Report Issue
Answer the following questions about your Worldview (Personal Truths) (300 words)
1. Define the concept of worldview and how it effects human interactions.
2. Where are some of the places your person worldview has come from?
3. Are there ways your worldview may need keep you from understanding other people?
no citations or quotations just opinion based
 Students reponses Р3 sentences per each student
What else can we do to protect our natural resources like the ice caps?
How will the destruction of ecosystems around the caps effect others over the long term? 
What can be done to restore the dried rivers in China?
Organic farming can be more expensive, but it can also be more caring on the environment. Are the pros and cons for organic farming worth saving the environment?
What do you think is a great solution to deforestation?
Do you think deforestation is a big problem?
How would you help solve the pollution that’s going into our rivers and oceans?

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