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Discussion 2

Week 2 Discussion

Identifying Client Resource Needs
“One of the most important roles in case management is service coordination. Rarely can a human service agency or a single professional provide all the services a client needs. Because in-house services are limited by the agency’s mission, resources, and eligibility criteria—as well as by its employees’ roles, functions, and expertise—arrangements must be made to match client needs with outside resources. Case managers must have knowledge of available community resources and the skills to put them to use” (Woodside & McClam, 2006, p. 211).
In HUMN 4001, you had the opportunity to analyze the case management process and the skills required of a case manager, assess the role of community context and individual needs in case management, and evaluate available and potential resources for case managers. Additionally, you had the opportunity to review, apply, and individualize various case management strategies for various client populations.
For this Discussion, you act as a human services professional advocating on behalf of a client. Choose one of the three clients from this week’s media titled, “Case Management.” Be sure to consider all aspects of case management including what services and resources are available to support your client.
To Prepare for this Discussion:

Review your coursework and Assignments from HUMN 4001: Case Management for Persons in Need.
Review the article, “Strengths-Based Case Management: Individual’s Perspectives on Strengths and the Case Manager Relationship.”
Review the article, “A Review of Case Management for People Who Are Homeless: Implications for Practice, Policy and Research.”
Review the article, “The Strengths Perspective: Proving ‘My Strengths’ and ‘It Works.’”
Review the article, “Understanding the Working Alliance Between Persons with Substance Abuse Problems and Strengths-Based Case Managers.”
Review the article, “Match or Mismatch: Use of the Strengths Model with Chinese Migrants Experiencing Mental Illness: Service User and Practitioner Perspectives.”
Review the article, “Effectiveness of Different Models of Case Management for Substance-Abusing Populations.”
Review this week’s media titled “Case Management,” and select one of the clients presented for your Discussion.
Think about the human services resources that might be beneficial for the client you selected.

With these thoughts in mind:
Post  a brief description of the client you selected. Explain what resources and services might be beneficial to your client and why. Explain how you might collaborate with those resources to provide services for your client.

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