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criminal justice

When getting started with the career search process, it is first important to understand the types of careers that are a good match for you. When determining these types of careers, you must explore your values, interests, personality traits, and skills. Once you have this information, you can explore career options and create a goal plan for obtaining that career. This assignment will take you through the process of self-assessment and goal planning and will form the basis for future assignments in the course.
Review Ch. 2 of Career Directions for tools related to self-assessments.
Complete a self-assessment on your own, to determine traits related to a career path that may be a good fit.
Complete a job search for careers related to supporting individuals involved with the correctional system that match the results of your self-assessment.
Identify a career that closely matches your personal values, interests, personality traits, and skill set. You will reference this career for future assignments in this course, as well.
Write a 350- to 525-word career plan, including the following:

Briefly describe the career you have chosen.
Explain how this career fits with your values, interests, personality traits, and skill set.
Describe 2 to 3 areas related to skills in which you would like to improve in order to enhance your success in this career.
Create 2 to 3 goals for preparing for this career path, considering the types of goals presented in Ch. 3 of Career Directions.
Briefly describe how you plan on meeting these goals.


Include citations and a reference page for any information that you obtained from an information source.
Format your citations and reference page according to APA guidelines.
Submit your paper to the assignment

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