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Cloud Computing Final paper and presentation

Your final paper is not a cut and paste of all previous weeks work.  You’ve done new research each week and therefore should be able to add to the work you’ve done.  
Step-by-Step Cloud Computing Prescriptive Series:

Assemble your team
Develop a business case and an enterprise cloud strategy
Select cloud deployment model(s)
Select cloud service model(s)
Determine who will develop, test, and deploy the cloud services
Develop governance policies and service agreements
Assess and resolve security and privacy issues
Integrate with existing enterprise services
Develop a proof-of-concept (POC) before moving to production
Manage the cloud environment

Your written case study analysis should be at least 5 pages and follow proper APA format. Be sure to thoroughly address all of the items listed above, including steps 8-10.

Need to cover all the points mentioned above. Attached are the documents for reference. But please make sure that nothing is copied and pasted in the final paper. We need to cover on Saas as cloud service for the project and write the final paper. Presentation should be of 14 slides and need a document of what should I speak during presentation explaining the slides

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