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Analytical Paper

Topic: Speeches on Gun Control Click for more options : Emma Gonzalez and Kaitlin Bennett
An analytical paper in which you demonstrate your critical reading and analysis skills. In order to analyze effectively, you will need to engage in close reading, or reading “between the lines.” As you read, keep in mind the framework for critical reading that we have explored: Audience, Purpose, Content, Mood, Style, and Structure.
You should also include commentary on rhetoric and propaganda as discussed during this course. Your paper will present representative passages from the speech and carefully deconstruct them, highlighting connotations that may not be immediately obvious to readers. You must also find and use at least 3reliable sources that support your interpretation of the speech. At least one of your sources must be an academic, scholarly article. There are 5parts to this paper:
Part 1–Thesis statement and outline 
Part 2 –Rough draft 
Part 3 –Final paper
Part 4–Presentation PowerPoint presentation based on your Analytical Paper. Your 5-to 10-slide presentation should explain your chosen speech on a literal level and provide a brief discussion of your analysis. The last slide in your presentation should be a learning activity or tool for those viewing your presentation. The goal of the last slide is to guide others in the right direction so that they can develop greater insights about your text and its implications. Be creative! How can you teach others what you have learned? Ideas for engaging learning activities include:·Design a scavenger hunt; audience members must find examples in the text to confirm or challenge your conclusions·Create a checklist that other scan use as they read the assigned text·Create an infographic or poster that presents your analysis at a glance·Instructions for a debate

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