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After watching the video, answer 10 biological questions about vaccines

Video link is

Discussion questions:

Through a published schedule and set of guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health officials recommend that every child receive certain vaccinations by age 6. What are the benefits of this recommendation to public health officials, to the community and to other children?
Some parents and health care professionals question the CDC’s recommendations and decide not to vaccinate their children, while others, like Jennifer Margulis, choose to vaccinate their children along an alternative schedule. How might her decision affect both her own children and others?
In what ways is vaccination different from other types of personal health decisions?

Who should be involved in deciding whether children receive a specific vaccine?
Should the government have the right to compel vaccination? Should parents have the right to refuse it?
What role has Jenny McCarthy and Handly had in the vaccine debate? Do you agree with disagree with her?
Describe Andrew Wakefield’s research published in The Lancet? 
What connection is there with vaccines and autism? Explain.
What is “herd immunity” and how related to vaccine use?
What recent extremely contagious disease has brought this issue back into the news?

Why might some people be especially concerned about having their children in schools that have vaccinations optional?

    10. What is the San Diego connection? Links here San Diego connection (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) and here (Links to an external site.) to this story?

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