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For your final assessment in this course, you will produce a 5-paragraph argumentative essay.
You will focus on the topic you decided on in Journey 13 Before You Go. You will be expected to include the following:

 Include a persuasive main idea statement that takes your audience into consideration. Write a reasonable, assertive thesis statement that clearly expresses what you want your readers to do or to believe.
Match your supporting reasons to your readers’ priorities and goals. Include only those reasons that are relevant to your readers.
Incorporate concessions. Anticipate and acknowledge the opposing viewpoints and then go on to refute them.
Determine the best order for your reasons. Decide whether you should arrange your reasons from most important to least important or vice versa. Include transitional words to help the readers follow you from one point to the next.
Include credible, logical or emotional evidence. Use your analysis of your readers to decide which facts, statistics, expert testimony, examples, or emotional appeals will be most effective. Remember ethos, pathos, and logos.

 Your 5-paragraph essay should also include:

Body paragraph
Body paragraph
Body paragraph

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